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Nutracel® 102

Nutracel® 102

Microcrystalline Cellulose 102

Nutracel™ 102 is our dedicated brand of MCC 102 for Nutraceuticals where we bring to you the best of both the worlds by merging the regulatory landscape of what a pharmaceutical grade or food grade MCC  102  individually  can’t  offer. 

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Product description

Nutracel™ 102  has  excellent compressibility  and  flow  properties enabling high speed direct compression tableting. Nutracel™ 102 also has some lubrication properties facilitating smooth tableting experience for a wide range of Nutraceutical active ingredients.

Typical product data

Food Additive E/INS 460(i)
Complies with FCC, JECFA, Reg. (EC) 231/2012, GB 1886.103 (2015)
Complies with Ph. Eur., IP, USP, JP, BP

Product specifications

- Retention on 60 mesh (250μm): Not more than 8%

- Retention on 200 mesh (75μm): Not less than 45%

- Bulk Density (g/ml): 0.26-0.33 g/ml

- Residue on Ignition: Not more than 0.05%

- Mercury: Not more than 1 ppm

- Cadmium: Not more than 1 ppm

- Lead: Not more than 2 ppm


Capacity: 25kg
Composition: Multi-layer PE
Shelf life: 24 months re-test

Product delivery

Expected delivery within 5-7 days. Each order ships with Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Data Sheet.

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