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SuperTab® 21AN

SuperTab® 21AN

Direct Compressible Lactose

SuperTab® 21AN is a highly consistent, anhydrous lactose suitable for moisture sensitive drug. It's highly compactable allowing re-compaction.


Product description

Allows excellent compaction and re- compaction. Tablet crushing strength remains high after recompactability. Therefore SuperTab ® 21AN is the preferred choice for dry granulation processes.

DFE Pharma offers more anhydrous grades with different particle sizes and morphology to enable a best fit with your formulation requirements.

Exceptional low crystalline water amount. The unique, low levels of crystalline water makes the use of SuperTab® 21AN with PAT technologies efficient. Typically SuperTab® 21AN contains about 80% of the β-isomer.

Typical product data

Particle size distribution (μm)
X10: 15
X50: 170
X90: 340

Bulk density (g/L)

Hausner ratio (-)

Product specifications

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- 25 kg Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner

Product delivery

Expected delivery within 5-7 days. Each order ships with Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Data Sheet.

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